What is supermoto?

It began back in the late 1970s when someone wondered who was the best all-around motorcycle racer and from which discipline would he come. Would it be a road racer, an off-road racer or perhaps a flat track pilot? From that was born the notion of a new type of motorcycle race. It was first called superbikers and it blended on- and off-road racing by featuring a track comprised of both pavement and dirt. Motocross bikes proved to be the best choice for this new form of racing and with minimal modifications a racer could easily build a competitive mount. The discipline prospered in the United States for awhile and then disappeared, perhaps because of the trend towards specialization. It found a home in Europe and grew modestly. Stateside, local clubs began to emerge as interest returned. Now, in a big way, supermoto will return to where it all started in the form of an all new national series called the AMA Red Bull Supermoto Championship. On March 6, 2003, AMA Pro Racing announced the details on it's new AMA Red Bull Supermoto Championship.

2005 AMA Supermoto Rulebook (807k PDF)

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